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1.618 is the mathematical proportion
that represents universal harmony
it is the union of imagination, nature + beauty
to serve an infinitely evolving world. 


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This balance of science + nature, right + left brain thinking, has been the heart of my creativity since I was a child. Light, nature, shadow play, vibrant colors that dance, rhythm that moves, textures that are seen, aromas that are felt + the human body constantly evolving with grace + strength. These experiences are what awaken the senses. It is here where visions of splendor + desires to turn them into wonderous reality for all to pause + enjoy start.

In every creative endeavor, the pursuit is to elevate your unique Brand story, either from the beginning or a grande refresh. A clear picture, + a plan with assets to carry you through, is developed so that you may thrive + prosper with confidence in your unique voice. Discovering the personal connection, the ah-ha moment of surprise + delight, is what I love to create to make your visual story an exceptional experience for you + the audience to enjoy with pride.

Happy to travel, physically or virtually, inspiration + passion are everywhere. DO WHAT YOU LOVE : LOVE WHAT YOU DO. I look forward to personally connecting + working with you, uniting our passions to create visual splendor.